Mortgages are Hard

My Vice-President once simply stated as clear as day to me one time, “mortgages are hard”. That in itself certainly doesn’t speak volumes, however, without having gained the knowledge of this through obtaining a mortgage or being in the industry itself, it can be easy to dismiss it as much more than buying a car or applying for a credit card. Or perhaps you’ve been told by someone of a previous generation a “back in my day” story.

Wrong, it is nothing like buying a car, and it’s nothing like it used to be. The industry is constantly evolving and changing. Believe it or not, quite often this is the first mistake first time home owners make. That the process shouldn’t be strenuous, time consuming, or challenging; Or, they receive bad advice. It is quite the inverse actually, mortgages are hard and it isn’t meant to be entertaining or fun – it’s necessary. It’s the end goal of homeownership that should be focused on. However, this is where experience and expertise play a factor. You want to work with a recognized and experienced Mortgage Expert! This is the largest transaction and investment of most people’s lives, and they deserve to have it done properly, with as little stress as possible with someone with years of expertise.

Taking as much guesswork out as possible while reducing surprises is essential and worth partnering with the right professional. Certainly when you purchase a home, you want the best local Realtor you can be referred to, and so it is when you decide to work with a Mortgage Broker. Make sure you do your research, choose and support local someone who knows the local market, has years of experience, and is available close by. You won’t regret it, mortgages ARE hard.

~ Curtis Irvine